Interview Tips – They’re 3 powerful words: Unique Selling Point


Working in an Accounting function, selling has probably never been something that’s crossed your mind and maybe not something that you’ve had much experience practicing but I’m here to tell you that it’s a skill you need to embrace when interviewing.

If you think about the way an interview process works, it’s less to do with how you work but more to do with how you talk about how you work.

Whether you’re working in Accounts Payable, Management Accounting or in the more Senior roles within Accounting… there is one thing you need to get comfortable with: other people in the market will have had similar working experiences to you.

So, the question then becomes… “how do you differentiate yourself?”

And that’s where the USP comes in.

Whether it’s your commute to the office, the sector you’ve worked, a particular achievement in a past role; everybody will have them, and they will set you apart from other people who are interviewing for your role.

So next time you interview, speak to your Recruiter or study the job description and figure out the key selling points that are likely to set you apart from other applicants.

Make a list, think of tangible examples to link to them, find a way of talking about them in interview that is engaging and helpful for the Interviewer.

… and watch your fortunes change!

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At Accountancy Action, we always help our applicants with Interview Preparation to help you put your best foot forwards – if you are in need of assistance on your job search or know somebody who does then please reach out and let’s chat!

Mark Marshall