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Let’s get straight to the point…

You’re not here because you’ve got a passion for browsing recruiter websites.

Unless you are, which is absolutely fine with us. It takes all sorts and we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and inclusive bunch. But it’s more likely that you’re here looking for work in finance. That might be permanent work, contract work, or whatever work you can get (we’ve all been there).

So, get comfy, because you’re in the right place. Browse our live jobs, check out real life accounts from people who we’ve helped out in the past, and make sure you register your interest because not every job gets advertised, but your ideal next move might be just around the corner.

Besides our obvious charm, charisma, and extensive catalogue of glowing feedback….

How do you know for certain you’re in the hands of people you can trust? That’s easy. We’ve been finding great jobs for people like you for over 20 years – that’s long enough to learn a thing or two. Want our team of experts to manage your job search as if it were their own?

Our “action packed” approach.

No one’s ever excited to embark on a job search.

No one’s ever excited to embark on a job search. But at Accountancy Action, we think that’s sad, because changing jobs is a big deal. Few things can make your life better, quickly, quite like moving into the right role. So, why is the process to get there so hard?

It goes like this. You sit down to search for work and immediately find yourself facing swathes of options – job boards and apps, adverts, and agencies. You don’t know which one will give you the best chance, so you go through the motions. It soon becomes a chore.

We know how thankless this process can be, so here’s how working with us could look instead. Instead of applying for a bunch of jobs and hoping the right one responds, we’ll discuss your career aspirations, all the very specific reasons for seeking a new role, and then work in partnership with you to put an action plan together. We work proactively, taking your profile to specially selected employers who suit your criteria, keeping you in the loop throughout the process.

You know how some agencies only want to talk to you when there’s a specific role that you can help them fill, available at that very moment? Well that’s not us.

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