Why you NEED a recruitment partner and how to find the perfect one!


We live in a world where the demand for talent significantly outpaces the number of candidates seeking finance roles. In the U.K., over half of businesses face skill shortages, and companies normally struggle with filling critical positions.

Since Covid factors like remote work, and changing employee priorities have made it increasingly challenging for finance leaders to build their workforce. In this landscape, businesses need the right support to navigate these challenges.

A specialised finance recruitment partner, with industry expertise and experience, can streamline the process of finding individuals capable of transforming your team. Here’s how you can identify the right partner for your 2023 journey:

Why Companies Need Recruiting Partners

A finance recruitment partner is the ultimate way to maintain a competitive edge and ensure your business thrives in the years to come. Companies like ours have spent years nurturing networks that offer extensive access to top-tier talent. (We’ve been in this business for 22 years now!)

We excel in reaching “passive” candidates who might not actively seek new roles. Often, your perfect candidate will not be hanging out on job boards and applying to your ads! As recruitment experts, we skillfully position businesses to connect with the right candidates by assisting with social media marketing, video marketing, job description drafting, interview coordination, actually sourcing the perfect candidates and so much more. So much time that you simply don’t have!

A finance recruitment partner equips your company with the extra support needed to swiftly identify the right talent and create a pipeline of proficient experts.

How to Choose the Right Recruiting Partner

As mentioned, a recruitment expert holds the potential to save companies time, money, and headaches in their quest for finance talent. However, the success of your new strategy relies on selecting the most suitable company for your business. Here’s how to initiate this journey:

1. Evaluate Their Brand Presence

In today’s recruitment landscape, branding and online presence are of growing importance. Candidates routinely scrutinize a company’s “employer brand” before deciding to work with them. They are also increasingly active on digital platforms when job hunting, with approximately 90% of candidates using social media in their job search.

To navigate this, you’ll need a finance recruitment partner with a strong online presence and an excellent image. After all, a company that doesn’t market itself effectively online may also struggle to promote your job openings.

Additionally, assess how frequently your recruitment team shares thought leadership content and blog posts to support their sector.

2. Prioritise Industry Experience

Each recruitment company will be specialised in a different industry. I.e. – Tech professionals seek different attributes from their employers than those in the engineering field. These groups possess distinct messaging, unique priorities, and different expectations, making it crucial to find a recruitment partner with in-depth knowledge of your industry.

For our instance, a specialised finance recruitment partner will possess a deep understanding of your sector and the specific type of candidates you wish to attract. They will know how to tailor your job descriptions, use appropriate language and content to engage potential employees, and identify passive candidates. A recruiter well-versed in your field will also be great at matching an individual’s skills with the requirements of the role.

3. Explore Their USP

Most recruitment companies will tell you the same thing that they think is their USP. ‘We’ve been here for 10 years!’ ‘I’ve placed 1000 candidates!’ When in reality, most recruitment companies do this, so it’s not a USP. Look to see what extra value they are giving you. Are they going the extra mile to support you?

An example of one of Accountancy Actions’ USP is, we can offer bespoke marketing services; we can create professional videos to help you attract that top talent and videos you can re-use for years to come.

You’ll also be invited to our amazing events we hold for our clients, eg, we recently had a networking event in a virtual shooting bar with cocktails! How cool is that?

We also have an great video platform where we can interview candidates before you meet them, as sometimes a CV doesn’t show all and also saves you important time.

But they are just all extras you’ll get with Accountancy Action, our experts in the field and recruitment work come as standard.

4. Engage in Conversation with the Company

After creating a shortlist of potential finance recruitment partners, reach out to them and schedule a conversation. A dialogue with your recruitment partner can help answer questions about their services, the level of support they can provide, and how they intend to communicate with you in the future.

Engaging with recruitment experts also allows you to assess their knowledge and expertise while building rapport for future interactions. A reputable recruitment company should be willing to arrange a meeting with you, where you can discuss all your concerns. Depending on their location, they may offer various communication options, including video conferencing, phone calls, or face-to-face meetings.

By following these steps, you can identify a suitable finance recruitment partner to help your business navigate the complex talent landscape of 2023.

If you haven’t found your perfect recruitment partner to work with yet then why not give us a call and see how we can help?

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